Today in the city Kingman 23.04.2018
EXCLUSIVE: ‘Everyday Guy’ Describes How He Brought Down American Terrorist Cell

Dan Day — a gun-toting Kansan — felt a "calling from God" to work with the FBI to prevent attack on Muslim refugees.

Would You Have Fired Warren Buffett?

I've heard from a number of readers who invested with Warren Buffett in the mid-90s, but fired him too soon. Here's why so many people made the same mistake, and the lessons we can learn from them.

Why Facebook Needs A Bill Of Rights

If Facebook would take the approach enshrined in our Bill of Rights and guarantee the right to free speech, they can extend a fundamental human right to 2 billion people.

Serial underwear thief caught on CCTV

This is the moment a serial underwear thief was caught on camera stealing knickers and bras. Weera Jampada, 38, is believed to have stuck at least 15 times around women's homes in Phuket, Thailand....

New tech fights ancient diseases

On the second floor of an infectious-disease research facility in this African capital, Dr. Joseph Kamgno, the country's leading expert on parasitic roundworms, stood at his desk staring down at the b...

Seasoned Fund Managers Have Done Better Than You Think

54% of mutual funds where the manager's tenure was at least five years beat the S&P 500 after all fund expenses. Here's what to make of this.

Why You Should Avoid Managers With Less Than 3 Years Tenure

Why anyone would want someone with less than three years of track record to manage their money is beyond me. But it seems to happen a lot.

Should You Invest With Morningstar's Top Manager Of The Decade?

In 2010, Morningstar named Bruce Berkowitz the Manager of the Decade. Berkowitz, a value manager, was widely considered to be the next Warren Buffett. Yet, if you had invested in Fairholme when it was...

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